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    The Wilson Toast
    by John Wilson

    We hold there's a smile in every cloud,
    yet can be a silly brood.
    We love stories and friendly crowds
    and good cheer and good food.

    Whether you be Wilson or you be friend,
    lift your glass and give a cheer,
    and where ever you go, or where you've been,
    remember those gone, love those here.

    The content below is edited directly by Wilson Wines. Check back often for more updates!

    Pay attention to the schedule below, John forgot about mother's day the 11th so we change kite day to May 18th. If we would have had it on the 11th we're sure more than one mother would have said to John to at least to go fly a kite.

    We now have Elderberry! We like to say it has a Hoosier taste.

    Ok it's spring and the boys still waiting for warm weather, John's cabin fever has lessened due to the fact he has got to play some golf. trouble is he is now mad about how bad he is playing. No pleasing the man, just ask Debbie.  

    And we’re still only open on weekends 12 to 6 till May

    The boys are in the process of making the new wines. Rhubarb, blackberry, Catawba, Sweet Ella Marie, trying to get ready for Mushroom Day,

    Sat, May 3Mushroom Day May  3, free event with band and mushroom snacks till their gone. Wine sales, special deal on concert tickets.

    Sun, May 18, Kite day, bring your kids, your picnic, Randolph Writers is going to smoke something we bet 

    Sat, June 21 Gene Deer plays, no coolers, no pets, food available starts 8:30pm

    Sat, July 26, Jennie DeVoe,  $15,  no coolers, no pets, food available starts 8:30pm

    Sat, 5pm, Aug 9, 5pm, Hip Sips (with its 3 bands, good food and art)

    Fri, 6 pm, Aug 15, John on the , special BYOM, don't bring your children

    Sun, Aug23 afternoon, Smokin Sunday by the Randolph Writers with band, $5 & reservation

    Sat, Sept 27 4pm, Fall Follies, Hay rides, croquet, ham and beans supper at 6pm

    Sat, Oct 18, 7pm, Private Barrel, $10, reservations required, great date night with Wilsons in suits 

    Sat, Nov 1, 1pm, Holiday Open House, $100 first prize cheese cake contest

    Wilson Wines
    10137 Indian Trial
    Modoc, IN 47356

    To leave us a message
    or hear information
    on upcoming events, or
    to send us a fax,
    please call
    (765) 853-5100

    Business Hours

    Wednesday & Thursday: 1 - 7PM
    Friday: 1 - 9PM
    Saturday & Sunday: 12 - 6PM

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