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    The Wilson Toast
    by John Wilson

    We hold there's a smile in every cloud,
    yet can be a silly brood.
    We love stories and friendly crowds
    and good cheer and good food.

    Whether you be Wilson or you be friend,
    lift your glass and give a cheer,
    and where ever you go, or where you've been,
    remember those gone, love those here.

    The content below is edited directly by Wilson Wines. Check back often for more updates!

    No phone service at the winery for the private barrel reservation 

    The phone don’t work at the winery, talk about driving John crazy. So here’s the deal if you left a message at the winery that you wanted to come to the Private Barrel Party and we didn’t call you back to confirm you are not out and hopefully you had not made other plans here’s what we are going to do.

    *Please email John at johnwilsonmodoc@comcast.net with phone # number of people and john will call you back or call John and leave a message at 765-533-6616 and give your phone # twice. 

    Saturday, October 17, 7 pm Private Barrel Tasting. $15 a person and you have to call and make reservations between now the night before so John with his new knees can tell his minions how much food to fix. We can only take 45 people so it’s first come first serve. 

    So call John at 765-533-6616 or email John at johnwilsonmodoc@comcast.net and leave your name and number of people, and phone number TWICE and we’ll call you back on the weekends take your credit card number. If we can’t understand you we’ll move past you and if you don’t show after we take your credit card number we’ll charge you anyway. 

    This is the one night us Wilsons dress up and show how far in sophistication we can go, some might say it’s a shame we can’t stay there. We would like to say this is like date night and we ask those that get come to try not to dress down.

    John with a whole lot of help from Darin and Dennis are going to try and get the blackberry, red raspberry and rhubarb filtered, and in the bottle before the private barrel tasting. 

    On another note the winery will be close Thursday and Friday for now to Christmas. We will still be open Saturday and Sunday 12 to 6pm

    Wilson wines, feel the country, taste the fun. 10137 S. Indian Trail Modoc IN, 47358

    Wilson Wines
    10137 Indian Trial
    Modoc, IN 47356

    To leave us a message
    or hear information
    on upcoming events, or
    to send us a fax,
    please call
    (765) 853-5100

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    Wednesday & Thursday: 1 - 7PM
    Friday: 1 - 9PM
    Saturday & Sunday: 12 - 6PM

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