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    The Wilson Toast
    by John Wilson

    We hold there's a smile in every cloud,
    yet can be a silly brood.
    We love stories and friendly crowds
    and good cheer and good food.

    Whether you be Wilson or you be friend,
    lift your glass and give a cheer,
    and where ever you go, or where you've been,
    remember those gone, love those here.

    The content below is edited directly by Wilson Wines. Check back often for more updates!

    Jim has the bar Oct 24 evening, Sat Oct 25 and Sun Oct 26 noon to 6

    John has the bar Friday Oct 31 evening, Sat Nov 1 and Sun Nov 2 noon to 6

     Ok, for all of those that didn’t get or couldn’t go to the Private Barrel Tasting you missed to great food with some great wines. The hit was the Shiraz which should be bottled next spring which was something some didn’t want to learn. Speaking learning we learn three things at the private barrel. #1 John had some dynamite recipes, #2 He sure is funny with his winery crowd, #3 he can’t count, my God he had them packed to all the doors.

    Still trying to get Friday night euchre going, John and Jim finally have the hard cider going right for all you beer drinkers.

    November 1, 1-5 pm, Holiday Open House is our next event. Release of our Modoc Red and Red Raspberry along with our annual Cheese Cake Contest ($100 1 place, $50 second, $20 third.) (Cheese cakes have to be entered by 1 pm) with great holiday snacks. All free, our wine makes great Christmas presents.

    We still have our first batch of Hard Cider, and Pirate’s Passion will be ready to sell (Jim did a hell of a job) and we have a batch of Richard Red that we are going to sell at $50 a case or $5 a bottle. Nothing wrong with it but a visual thing.

    Wilson wines, feel the country, taste the fun.

    Wilson Wines
    10137 Indian Trial
    Modoc, IN 47356

    To leave us a message
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    to send us a fax,
    please call
    (765) 853-5100

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